The Annoying Good Guy Charm

Majority will agree with me, how you behave in public is quite different from how you behave at home or with people you know. People live under superficial shells, there are different kind of shells.

Or Charms as they say; When people think of charm,the first thing that come to mind is the charming young man,you know movies bro.
But there are many types of charms,the charming young man charm
is among the less taken up shells of people. Often this type of charm comes as grandiose. More often or less this type of charm comes under greater judgment from society. Its one of things,which will work great for you if you get it perfectly. But goes horribly wrong by making the slightest mistake . From a charming good guy to the charming bad guy just like in snap of a finger.

Thus there are more user friendly charms that are not really talked about. A great part of the world hopefully by now live in a politically correct world that creates great demand for this kind of charm.
I call it the Good guy charm, people who just need to deal with politically correct system.

Imagine yourself seeing your relatives who you haven’t met before in your life .The way anyone would behave is the Good guy charm.
But there are many people who have mastered it so much so
that you would actually think they are GOOD PEOPLE. I am not saying all Good people are some kind of fake but plenty are.

A tree is identified by its fruit. Figs are never gathered from thornbushes, and grapes are not picked from bramble bushes.

I am talking about those people who talk behind you back,but behave nice in front you but even they are not the true masters of the good guy charm.

It is the extraordinary ability to divert your attention and make it about them without sounding like a douche bag. As the saying goes

First impression is the best impression

Sure you might figure it out later, but in all probability they are going to remain the good guy in your head.

They are the last set of people you ever want to mess with a good guy ,more dangerous than dragon breathing fire. With a dragon,it probably would burn you and end up killing you. But the person you messed with might screw your relationship ship every single person you ever know ,or probably meet


Probably leaving you like the person above craving you for Wilson if you know what I mean. It all to easy, you never know underneath their fake smile ,probably show their real side to you alone .


Coming to the last type of charm is the Angry Man charm, often this type of charm is required or taught to them its use because of its career. You would all had that scary Math teacher, who was respected by allot of students but not to be messed with all the same.


They might me really nice while outside the class,of course no one would take the chance of being killed by the scary teacher.
There are many careers that demands this charm like the army.
Sure misused by some people to get their way,often portrayed as bad guys in many average movies. But It serves a more important purpose.

It takes a real good guy to take up this charm to keep things in check since it reduces or voids allot of relationships with people.

I do believe God used this charm to keep people in check, its not hated his creation but it was what that needed to be done

18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness

Yeah like any responsible parent who correct their children, God corrects us .


Love and War

Love and War is what motivates our actions, not our words.
Often our existence is inside a shell, but this might not me the case for some people who openly share emotions. The type of people are those who are liked by many or looked up by many. There is a old  saying  you can’t please everyone  but you see people with millions of persona .I usually see these people inside shells. Often the road to success and fame is being careful with your words.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver


Pleasing the right people really goes a long way. But often seeking fame and success they forget to be honest and inquisitive.
Words often loose meaning and the entire content of speech lies in their ulterior motive. Unfortunately Ulterior motive is usually limited but still mind boggling. I believe there are limited no of options; limited to to number of fingers.

Starting of with pride; why you ask well believe it or not 70 percent of the cases has to with pride. But people always think of pride as an Rich man showing of his Lamborghini. But I Really think there are two ends of the stick. Put it simply they are the people who think you had a conversation with but really didn’t; Instead they entertained themselves with their life story by telling you.

There various variations of these stories from sad to happy.

The next great motive is either to dominate or to follow. Its either all about what they think, you should think also including looking up to them; Or they want to fall at your feet if your worthy.

I do really believe your real and popular friends show you their other side if any. Like any species hostility, or just plain disrespect is experienced among the Alpha males.

We all feel and experience love, but love like tool rather than a quantity. You can’t love yourself and love others the same time.
Sure people can love themselves when we are alone,that’s why we enjoy being alone sometimes.

War starts from need of justice, love comes from desire. As far as war is concerned you can trust someone else to do your dirty work of getting revenge.
To be frank I am a Christian, I believe Jesus Christ died for our sins.
God forgave me its only right if I forgive. People don’t raise guns for no reason, either its power to feed pride;Or for justice.

People are dumb to say God will punish you if you don’t be good,he punish Jesus Christ pure and holy lamb. If God punishes you for sinning against him,will you not seek vengeance against the person whom he or she sinned against you.

By saying God Hates you or will punish you and shows no mercy
you are promoting war,murder,fear.
Fear is like a fire it consumes, and put a you in a state of distress.
If I am in stress,I will do something to relax possibly by not caring.

People take drugs take the edge of the fear thereby addicted .

Love makes thing personal, whether its about you or the other person ,it changes people, it motivates people to be more than what they are if only many hope.

All is fair in Love and


Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold,

Love needs Morality to live,it dies without .That is why Jesus Christ died for our sins and for the whole world; Its for love to thrive

Poem: The Sunday Routine

Early to sleep, early to rise
sounds right maybe even nice.

Cold sheets, Saturday nights
that arouses dreamy sights;

It penetrates my sleepy soul
and ignites like a burning charcoal.

Waking up to the morning Sun;
No not that early just a pun.

Yes I did get ready for church
for the bible I did begin my search.

Jumped up preaching like this they behave;
We must work, we must save,
who else if not we to crave.

Like a angry farmer  who reaps not;
As is his work that which is naught.

Yes we shall save many,
Authority we have plenty.

Healing the sick by laying of the hands;
By faith not by sight should we make our plans.

Sticks and stones I end my trifle,
got on my bike to a monotonous cycle;
Of passing vehicles fast forwarding this time
Not able to think of any ending rhyme.

While walking something did weigh on my head
It was my helmet, I must be brain dead.

The door swayed open by a smiling gentleman,
Seeing that the service already began.

Saying hi to me with her glistening eyes,
Singing in a dominated song by male cries.

Our sorrow and griefs He did take away,
His lovely holy presence;yes He did stay.

Looking down at our prayers He did reply.
By faith we must receive not from the sky.

For by faith He did see light;
Before the stars and moon that shined so bright.

Jesus Christ our Sin Sacrifice
washed away all our guilt and vice.

By faith not by work,
Deceived  not by eye’s murk

By faith we say
Amen,and Of course have a good day 😀

The girls whose name I did not know

So College is a life where people dug their own grave, very few people understood what was taught in class, even fewer people studied regularly out of interest .So what happens is people want mark regardless, what they do is mug, few people know that when you are being graded things are usually relative , if just took it easy and studied what they understood only a very very minute percent of people will score to grade ,he probably would never been in you college in first place if he didn’t get a fever or went mad on day of IIT exam  or AIEEE exams ,who cares about what he scores  anyway

The paradigm was, harder you mugged your way through, harder is to score better because of relative grading, and there are allot of mugers ,90. Percent of college are muggers,and a 5 percent pretend not to be muggers

So if have  a screwed up professor ,people like me probably suffered the most

So enter this sleeper  AC bus ,lying in bed worried about my internals because of the bloody muggers (wrote a entire paragraph just to make this point ,worth it!!
So the compartment my seat or bed was completely empty over
so I was like Yeah I can sing ,burp ,fart ,or take the other persons pillow as much as I want
Well they say all good things must come to an end ,but it got over by soon
It was night ,dark, only source of light was my mobile,and so the bus stopped after traveling for some time I think ,

I saw the curtain moving ,and if it was a serial ,the music be like
Oooooo Aaaaaa…Oooo Aaaa..
This being walks in probably made of all things nice ,if you throw in
Some light pink lips and a Angel along with Chemical X ,(powerpuff  girls reference from cartoon network)
In Hindi : uske zulfein itne maste thi,uske chehra dikai nahi diya
It means she was OMG…..
Then I saw this guy,behind her ,can’t barely see his face either though
He was chatting in a concerned way ,I mean a very concerned way..I was people might think I was over exaggerating ,this guy was  worried ,

He looks at me says Take Care of Her

I was like looking at time like  dude what’s wrong with you ,you don’t give a sheep to be taken care by a wolf
He he just joking ,but it was pretty weird and crazy

So sort of already disturbed …
I was like Processing…

Subject approaching….

Error detected :(Oooh Aaah) loss of sense ,system not at full efficiency

Incoming message..

Subject: …its ok don’t need to get up

Sending message : …

Error detected :(Oooh Aaah) loss of sense ,system not at full efficiency

…Warning :system lag

Sending message : yeah…


System partially  recovered ……subject source not compatable 

    So as I was saying ,I talked with her ,it turned out she was finishing her medical degree ,her voice was below 20hz ,or just my listening has been impaired partially by loud headsets ,ie from range of 20 hz to 20khz ,it has changed to 200hz to 20khz

Just darned the cutest voice…😂😂though


Target Acquired :

Audible :YES
Input mode: probably
Neighboring disturbance :NO

Acquiring file

File  :Oneliner.flirt
Your face looks like a person with more than one bf

Incoming message….

You should not judge a person by the looks ,people are more than they seem to be

Logical error :literal translation hence unexpected return

So she told she has a fiance type of deal ,blah blah until ..I saw her pic…
File Acquiring and ..Sending…
Message sent : wow beautiful

Incoming message ..
(Mobile device grabbed from hand …)
Thanks ..
Success 😂😂😂
           So as I was talking ,she told me didn’t like Tamil movies much ,I was the first one ,😂😂😂,but like yeah whatever ,and I said goodnight

So the next day ,I woke up,got her breakfast ,afterwards I asked her if she wanted I  just left it under my seat without her knowledge ,until some poor guy\girl notice its stench lol,or not since it was AC

So I was playing Sudoku on my mobile …then….

Scanning….opening sensor files
Info simulating..

Subject seems to rolled over to other side thinking I was looking at her ..more info…
File not found

So I was screw this I covered my self partially to left  with bedsheets,to show not interested ,continued to do what I intended to do in first place ,sing like  a idiot ,listening to music ..So then

Info simulating…
Subject smiling,rolling, ,subject acting girly ..@$#%#%&@$

@$@$%@..system crashed


So then bus finally reached ,the place I looked at her ,she looked at me ,I said by …

Probably some mixed feeling background music would have been run…

So this was the story ,but this story could also be told another way ,ie

      I met a girl in bus ,she was pretty ,I think she liked me and never saw her again

Probably nothing wrong at all with,it but it doesn’t cover the emotions and the details that make the event interesting or note worthy

Psalms 1:2

but whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on his law day and night.

The point is the difference between the two story ,I meditated on the first on ,the second one not at all

So meditation is just using logic and imagination ,it takes time and you need to be in the mood 😂😂, positive emotions and logic you mix it ,you get meditation

It leads to creativity in other subjects such as work ,and other stuff ,
Truly you would be considered great

People like Einstein were not just smart , but loved Science ,even if you have a higher IQ than Einstein you will never have the patience to sit and study all that stuff and then think about it lol

Have a Good day

The Girl I called a Princess

Before I start u guys must be thinking I am a No one flirt ,I agree I have a talent ,but  reason why I called it a talent ,I connect it to logic and reason

You guys must be thinking what how do you connect logic and reason to romance

People think romance is something fictional and wishy washy
Like those Ponds and beauty cream advertisements ,logic being cold and mean

So I was chatting with this pretty girl ,I called her a princess ,which is actually kind of true ,the reason was she is a topper ,and the class I belonged to, was a nerdy class ,not that they enjoyed what they learned ,but worshipped people who scored high marks ,including themselves.

But she was a nice normal nerdy girl ,she cared about marks but obviously not carried away by it

So there are many other people were sort of  drawn to her ,and followers sort of deal

So keeping this mind I called her a Princess ,because she sort of is😂😂,probably no one else would have much thought to it and present it such a way ,so this type of flirting is a talent since it is based on reality

I actually meant it ,when I called her a princess

I honestly believe beauty is a manner of perception ,for me calling a girl beautiful does not necessarily need be that she is a model ,yet I truly meant it

When I was thinking about it ,its the same way the relationship with God ,I might have even sinned in some way yesterday ,or probably will Tommorow 😐😐

But God looks at me through the eyes of Jesus Christ ,he died for all my Sins

1 Peter 2:24
“He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree ,so that ,having died to sins ,we might live for righteousness ; you have been healed by His wounds ”

Nehemiah 8:10
Nehemiah said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Here above ,why is it written Joy of the Lord ,because he is happy

Why is he happy?
He is happy because of us ,he pleased about us ,he’s proud about us ,why because we have accepted Jesus Christ Lord and savior
he no longer remember our sins

Hebrews 8:12

And I will forgive their wickedness ,and their sins and their lawlessness  I will remember no more

He happy and proud of us ,rejoice for he’s happy about you ,because of Jesus Christ ,and remember this knowledge is your strength

You cannot do anything for God without your strength, have a good day

Pretty Catholic girl I used to know

Tracing back to the time where Facebook was at its peak ,People were talking about MySpace ,actually I don’t even remember what was it ,but it was the time where Facebook was the place to find new people and make friends .

You might ask what about now,well now everybody is just keen on getting a audience and more no of likes ,you might say it was no different before ,yeah it was better

So this girl my friends friend I guess ,I had fun chatting as usual

We got into a argument one day

The argument was ,Is it right to worship Mary or give her as much importance as Jesus ,catholics believe their prayer will be answered with Mary as the mediator
Since Mary’s problem was the first reason for Jesus Christ to perform the first miracle
(Jesus initially says his time has not come yet ,to begin his ministry
So but he does his first miracle later on joins ,ministry)
But I tried to convince her by placing a brilliant argument ,at least I thought it was 😂

Saying If Mary is important ,So is John the Baptist ,since he was called the greatest Man by Jesus himself
So I told David was great ,so the apostles ,
If you should consider Mary so important ,so is almost every biblical  character ,has very important reason to be deemed important

I was typing in excitement ,she can’t argue ,my logic is undeniable

Then waiting for her reply like a hero ,

She replies…what are you ..(means what type of christian)

I told her ,I don’t remember what type I am😂😂..we all are one

She says I know what are you ,u must be a ..(me thinking while typing this ) Pentecost  ,or Protestant ,please drop this let’s talk about something else

And all the blood from my face got drained ,not really😂😂

I was actually thinking I can continue talking ,she won’t chat with me(remember she’s pretty)

Or I drop the topic like she said ,move on ,so I did,But I am not proud of it but I did

So I am thinking now what can be done ,when theology looses its value so easily

Strength of theology depends on person ,people who reason 😂😂
And 😅😅 the people you attract and repel,and image you create 😂😂

Its been years since I chatted with her ,but the problem remains

Because if my entire faith is dependent on logic and reason alone ,I realized it is not a good thing

Then it hit me ,that I am supposes to provide to other people ,most people like me or just having blind faith ,never use it to help others thus they never know does their belief really works

I recently did something which really astonished or impressed my pastor of church in Chennai😂😂

I mean  this church is really active ,he wanted me to volunteer
He asked me indirectly what do you want to do to support Christianity

He was indirectly asking me favor,😐😐…so I replied whatever you guys need me to do ,

You should have scene his face change ,he told me how he approached people for help ,they behaved like royal kings and queens and told what they wanted to do ,like online ministry

You know those biblical posts on web ,something like that ,peoples attitude was my way or highway

The Church I am presently in ,Kochi ,we had Christmas celebrations
coming up ,we had a meeting ,everyone one were discussing

What was so interesting 😂😂😂 means funny was ,Pastor came up with a plan for Christmas celebration ,involved lot of money,soo…😂😂

Everyone one were giving his or her own ideas ,but most of their ideas involved someone else doing it lol ,you know people in street talk about what Obama should have done ,

None of theirs were bad ,some were great but they wanted their ideas to be implemented by someone else ,

I was sitting smiling at the pastor feeling sorry for him ,

Say at least 15  out of 20 people liked what I have written now lol,
My idea has more value than yours,slightly lol😂😂,because I have gone through the effort of writing it  ,like I said little😂😂

Don’t get me wrong, not because of you guys ,me showing that I value my opinion by taking time writing it,and sharing a embarrassing part of my life ,no person in his right mind would.😂
I am not out my mind lol:D,call it a price of expressing yourself.😯😅

What I learned is priceless ,wanted to share it to you guys ,its doesn’t matter how good your idea it ,it needs to be implemented properly by you first then if people get influenced by your work ,they will carry it with them,

But first ,you need to put the heart ,mind,soul and body(very imp😂😂) into your ideas and belief

James 2:17

Faith without works is dead

My Weird day Sharing the word

Well from my point of view people have short span of attention ,that’s why advertisement market boomed ,So I figured since mind is a muscle ,people use it sparingly ,It was my turn to present the word ,I was pretty confident
Since I had plenty of time,to think what to say  unlike this blog  post

Well the idea behind my way to present an interesting or other people language long and tedious and complex
Was to bring romance into the pictures to represent my teaching like Jesus did with parables

Yeah I know what you guys must be thinking I was pretty impressed with my self ,

So the story basically about a beautiful girl who belonged to rich and powerful family ,and offered to date the guy who brought her flowers from a special land where the flowers grew by moonlight,if he gave her the flower
She would kiss him
So I took different cases where girl rejected guy based on lack of trust ,respect ,just understanding her allergies
In one had verses connected to it

Once I said that there long vacant stare from a audience

Trust me I wanted to present this story in the most funny and interesting was ,but I found out even confident people like me can be nervous talking about girly love story to audience only girls

I knew you guys would all be like obviously there would be girls ,but there were only girls!!!

Pretty girls adds to the pressure,um I didn’t stutter or anything  but damn my presentation skills went into dump

It was creepy as hell,the reason why was I was getting a mixed response ,response as in face expression

I tried reading face expressions change my sermon type deal from  funny to serious and back

Seriously mixed responses ,the girl to extreme right was just staring ,using her hand as heard rest

Sorry no names ,the extreme left was bored looking away when I was serious ,and giggled and laughed
When I was funny

Oh God there was a girl I think who was too young to understand was like what the hell is this dude saying

Maybe it was meant to be a disaster ,

The girl in middle was listening I guess but didn’t find the jokes funny

I think what I did was set up to go drown ,the girl toward the left ,came and told me she didn’t understand anything told it was funny and showed it too

I mean we were about to pray in conclusion ,she just couldn’t control herself from laughing ,

So I succeeded partially by making one audience laugh ,One listen I guess…but on the whole felt like I had a nervous breakdown lol