My Weird day Sharing the word

Well from my point of view people have short span of attention ,that’s why advertisement market boomed ,So I figured since mind is a muscle ,people use it sparingly ,It was my turn to present the word ,I was pretty confident
Since I had plenty of time,to think what to say  unlike this blog  post

Well the idea behind my way to present an interesting or other people language long and tedious and complex
Was to bring romance into the pictures to represent my teaching like Jesus did with parables

Yeah I know what you guys must be thinking I was pretty impressed with my self ,

So the story basically about a beautiful girl who belonged to rich and powerful family ,and offered to date the guy who brought her flowers from a special land where the flowers grew by moonlight,if he gave her the flower
She would kiss him
So I took different cases where girl rejected guy based on lack of trust ,respect ,just understanding her allergies
In one had verses connected to it

Once I said that there long vacant stare from a audience

Trust me I wanted to present this story in the most funny and interesting was ,but I found out even confident people like me can be nervous talking about girly love story to audience only girls

I knew you guys would all be like obviously there would be girls ,but there were only girls!!!

Pretty girls adds to the pressure,um I didn’t stutter or anything  but damn my presentation skills went into dump

It was creepy as hell,the reason why was I was getting a mixed response ,response as in face expression

I tried reading face expressions change my sermon type deal from  funny to serious and back

Seriously mixed responses ,the girl to extreme right was just staring ,using her hand as heard rest

Sorry no names ,the extreme left was bored looking away when I was serious ,and giggled and laughed
When I was funny

Oh God there was a girl I think who was too young to understand was like what the hell is this dude saying

Maybe it was meant to be a disaster ,

The girl in middle was listening I guess but didn’t find the jokes funny

I think what I did was set up to go drown ,the girl toward the left ,came and told me she didn’t understand anything told it was funny and showed it too

I mean we were about to pray in conclusion ,she just couldn’t control herself from laughing ,

So I succeeded partially by making one audience laugh ,One listen I guess…but on the whole felt like I had a nervous breakdown lol


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