Pretty Catholic girl I used to know

Tracing back to the time where Facebook was at its peak ,People were talking about MySpace ,actually I don’t even remember what was it ,but it was the time where Facebook was the place to find new people and make friends .

You might ask what about now,well now everybody is just keen on getting a audience and more no of likes ,you might say it was no different before ,yeah it was better

So this girl my friends friend I guess ,I had fun chatting as usual

We got into a argument one day

The argument was ,Is it right to worship Mary or give her as much importance as Jesus ,catholics believe their prayer will be answered with Mary as the mediator
Since Mary’s problem was the first reason for Jesus Christ to perform the first miracle
(Jesus initially says his time has not come yet ,to begin his ministry
So but he does his first miracle later on joins ,ministry)
But I tried to convince her by placing a brilliant argument ,at least I thought it was 😂

Saying If Mary is important ,So is John the Baptist ,since he was called the greatest Man by Jesus himself
So I told David was great ,so the apostles ,
If you should consider Mary so important ,so is almost every biblical  character ,has very important reason to be deemed important

I was typing in excitement ,she can’t argue ,my logic is undeniable

Then waiting for her reply like a hero ,

She replies…what are you ..(means what type of christian)

I told her ,I don’t remember what type I am😂😂..we all are one

She says I know what are you ,u must be a ..(me thinking while typing this ) Pentecost  ,or Protestant ,please drop this let’s talk about something else

And all the blood from my face got drained ,not really😂😂

I was actually thinking I can continue talking ,she won’t chat with me(remember she’s pretty)

Or I drop the topic like she said ,move on ,so I did,But I am not proud of it but I did

So I am thinking now what can be done ,when theology looses its value so easily

Strength of theology depends on person ,people who reason 😂😂
And 😅😅 the people you attract and repel,and image you create 😂😂

Its been years since I chatted with her ,but the problem remains

Because if my entire faith is dependent on logic and reason alone ,I realized it is not a good thing

Then it hit me ,that I am supposes to provide to other people ,most people like me or just having blind faith ,never use it to help others thus they never know does their belief really works

I recently did something which really astonished or impressed my pastor of church in Chennai😂😂

I mean  this church is really active ,he wanted me to volunteer
He asked me indirectly what do you want to do to support Christianity

He was indirectly asking me favor,😐😐…so I replied whatever you guys need me to do ,

You should have scene his face change ,he told me how he approached people for help ,they behaved like royal kings and queens and told what they wanted to do ,like online ministry

You know those biblical posts on web ,something like that ,peoples attitude was my way or highway

The Church I am presently in ,Kochi ,we had Christmas celebrations
coming up ,we had a meeting ,everyone one were discussing

What was so interesting 😂😂😂 means funny was ,Pastor came up with a plan for Christmas celebration ,involved lot of money,soo…😂😂

Everyone one were giving his or her own ideas ,but most of their ideas involved someone else doing it lol ,you know people in street talk about what Obama should have done ,

None of theirs were bad ,some were great but they wanted their ideas to be implemented by someone else ,

I was sitting smiling at the pastor feeling sorry for him ,

Say at least 15  out of 20 people liked what I have written now lol,
My idea has more value than yours,slightly lol😂😂,because I have gone through the effort of writing it  ,like I said little😂😂

Don’t get me wrong, not because of you guys ,me showing that I value my opinion by taking time writing it,and sharing a embarrassing part of my life ,no person in his right mind would.😂
I am not out my mind lol:D,call it a price of expressing yourself.😯😅

What I learned is priceless ,wanted to share it to you guys ,its doesn’t matter how good your idea it ,it needs to be implemented properly by you first then if people get influenced by your work ,they will carry it with them,

But first ,you need to put the heart ,mind,soul and body(very imp😂😂) into your ideas and belief

James 2:17

Faith without works is dead


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