The girls whose name I did not know

So College is a life where people dug their own grave, very few people understood what was taught in class, even fewer people studied regularly out of interest .So what happens is people want mark regardless, what they do is mug, few people know that when you are being graded things are usually relative , if just took it easy and studied what they understood only a very very minute percent of people will score to grade ,he probably would never been in you college in first place if he didn’t get a fever or went mad on day of IIT exam  or AIEEE exams ,who cares about what he scores  anyway

The paradigm was, harder you mugged your way through, harder is to score better because of relative grading, and there are allot of mugers ,90. Percent of college are muggers,and a 5 percent pretend not to be muggers

So if have  a screwed up professor ,people like me probably suffered the most

So enter this sleeper  AC bus ,lying in bed worried about my internals because of the bloody muggers (wrote a entire paragraph just to make this point ,worth it!!
So the compartment my seat or bed was completely empty over
so I was like Yeah I can sing ,burp ,fart ,or take the other persons pillow as much as I want
Well they say all good things must come to an end ,but it got over by soon
It was night ,dark, only source of light was my mobile,and so the bus stopped after traveling for some time I think ,

I saw the curtain moving ,and if it was a serial ,the music be like
Oooooo Aaaaaa…Oooo Aaaa..
This being walks in probably made of all things nice ,if you throw in
Some light pink lips and a Angel along with Chemical X ,(powerpuff  girls reference from cartoon network)
In Hindi : uske zulfein itne maste thi,uske chehra dikai nahi diya
It means she was OMG…..
Then I saw this guy,behind her ,can’t barely see his face either though
He was chatting in a concerned way ,I mean a very concerned way..I was people might think I was over exaggerating ,this guy was  worried ,

He looks at me says Take Care of Her

I was like looking at time like  dude what’s wrong with you ,you don’t give a sheep to be taken care by a wolf
He he just joking ,but it was pretty weird and crazy

So sort of already disturbed …
I was like Processing…

Subject approaching….

Error detected :(Oooh Aaah) loss of sense ,system not at full efficiency

Incoming message..

Subject: …its ok don’t need to get up

Sending message : …

Error detected :(Oooh Aaah) loss of sense ,system not at full efficiency

…Warning :system lag

Sending message : yeah…


System partially  recovered ……subject source not compatable 

    So as I was saying ,I talked with her ,it turned out she was finishing her medical degree ,her voice was below 20hz ,or just my listening has been impaired partially by loud headsets ,ie from range of 20 hz to 20khz ,it has changed to 200hz to 20khz

Just darned the cutest voice…😂😂though


Target Acquired :

Audible :YES
Input mode: probably
Neighboring disturbance :NO

Acquiring file

File  :Oneliner.flirt
Your face looks like a person with more than one bf

Incoming message….

You should not judge a person by the looks ,people are more than they seem to be

Logical error :literal translation hence unexpected return

So she told she has a fiance type of deal ,blah blah until ..I saw her pic…
File Acquiring and ..Sending…
Message sent : wow beautiful

Incoming message ..
(Mobile device grabbed from hand …)
Thanks ..
Success 😂😂😂
           So as I was talking ,she told me didn’t like Tamil movies much ,I was the first one ,😂😂😂,but like yeah whatever ,and I said goodnight

So the next day ,I woke up,got her breakfast ,afterwards I asked her if she wanted I  just left it under my seat without her knowledge ,until some poor guy\girl notice its stench lol,or not since it was AC

So I was playing Sudoku on my mobile …then….

Scanning….opening sensor files
Info simulating..

Subject seems to rolled over to other side thinking I was looking at her ..more info…
File not found

So I was screw this I covered my self partially to left  with bedsheets,to show not interested ,continued to do what I intended to do in first place ,sing like  a idiot ,listening to music ..So then

Info simulating…
Subject smiling,rolling, ,subject acting girly ..@$#%#%&@$

@$@$%@..system crashed


So then bus finally reached ,the place I looked at her ,she looked at me ,I said by …

Probably some mixed feeling background music would have been run…

So this was the story ,but this story could also be told another way ,ie

      I met a girl in bus ,she was pretty ,I think she liked me and never saw her again

Probably nothing wrong at all with,it but it doesn’t cover the emotions and the details that make the event interesting or note worthy

Psalms 1:2

but whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on his law day and night.

The point is the difference between the two story ,I meditated on the first on ,the second one not at all

So meditation is just using logic and imagination ,it takes time and you need to be in the mood 😂😂, positive emotions and logic you mix it ,you get meditation

It leads to creativity in other subjects such as work ,and other stuff ,
Truly you would be considered great

People like Einstein were not just smart , but loved Science ,even if you have a higher IQ than Einstein you will never have the patience to sit and study all that stuff and then think about it lol

Have a Good day


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