Love and War

Love and War is what motivates our actions, not our words.
Often our existence is inside a shell, but this might not me the case for some people who openly share emotions. The type of people are those who are liked by many or looked up by many. There is a old  saying  you can’t please everyone  but you see people with millions of persona .I usually see these people inside shells. Often the road to success and fame is being careful with your words.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver


Pleasing the right people really goes a long way. But often seeking fame and success they forget to be honest and inquisitive.
Words often loose meaning and the entire content of speech lies in their ulterior motive. Unfortunately Ulterior motive is usually limited but still mind boggling. I believe there are limited no of options; limited to to number of fingers.

Starting of with pride; why you ask well believe it or not 70 percent of the cases has to with pride. But people always think of pride as an Rich man showing of his Lamborghini. But I Really think there are two ends of the stick. Put it simply they are the people who think you had a conversation with but really didn’t; Instead they entertained themselves with their life story by telling you.

There various variations of these stories from sad to happy.

The next great motive is either to dominate or to follow. Its either all about what they think, you should think also including looking up to them; Or they want to fall at your feet if your worthy.

I do really believe your real and popular friends show you their other side if any. Like any species hostility, or just plain disrespect is experienced among the Alpha males.

We all feel and experience love, but love like tool rather than a quantity. You can’t love yourself and love others the same time.
Sure people can love themselves when we are alone,that’s why we enjoy being alone sometimes.

War starts from need of justice, love comes from desire. As far as war is concerned you can trust someone else to do your dirty work of getting revenge.
To be frank I am a Christian, I believe Jesus Christ died for our sins.
God forgave me its only right if I forgive. People don’t raise guns for no reason, either its power to feed pride;Or for justice.

People are dumb to say God will punish you if you don’t be good,he punish Jesus Christ pure and holy lamb. If God punishes you for sinning against him,will you not seek vengeance against the person whom he or she sinned against you.

By saying God Hates you or will punish you and shows no mercy
you are promoting war,murder,fear.
Fear is like a fire it consumes, and put a you in a state of distress.
If I am in stress,I will do something to relax possibly by not caring.

People take drugs take the edge of the fear thereby addicted .

Love makes thing personal, whether its about you or the other person ,it changes people, it motivates people to be more than what they are if only many hope.

All is fair in Love and


Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold,

Love needs Morality to live,it dies without .That is why Jesus Christ died for our sins and for the whole world; Its for love to thrive


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