The Annoying Good Guy Charm

Majority will agree with me, how you behave in public is quite different from how you behave at home or with people you know. People live under superficial shells, there are different kind of shells.

Or Charms as they say; When people think of charm,the first thing that come to mind is the charming young man,you know movies bro.
But there are many types of charms,the charming young man charm
is among the less taken up shells of people. Often this type of charm comes as grandiose. More often or less this type of charm comes under greater judgment from society. Its one of things,which will work great for you if you get it perfectly. But goes horribly wrong by making the slightest mistake . From a charming good guy to the charming bad guy just like in snap of a finger.

Thus there are more user friendly charms that are not really talked about. A great part of the world hopefully by now live in a politically correct world that creates great demand for this kind of charm.
I call it the Good guy charm, people who just need to deal with politically correct system.

Imagine yourself seeing your relatives who you haven’t met before in your life .The way anyone would behave is the Good guy charm.
But there are many people who have mastered it so much so
that you would actually think they are GOOD PEOPLE. I am not saying all Good people are some kind of fake but plenty are.

A tree is identified by its fruit. Figs are never gathered from thornbushes, and grapes are not picked from bramble bushes.

I am talking about those people who talk behind you back,but behave nice in front you but even they are not the true masters of the good guy charm.

It is the extraordinary ability to divert your attention and make it about them without sounding like a douche bag. As the saying goes

First impression is the best impression

Sure you might figure it out later, but in all probability they are going to remain the good guy in your head.

They are the last set of people you ever want to mess with a good guy ,more dangerous than dragon breathing fire. With a dragon,it probably would burn you and end up killing you. But the person you messed with might screw your relationship ship every single person you ever know ,or probably meet


Probably leaving you like the person above craving you for Wilson if you know what I mean. It all to easy, you never know underneath their fake smile ,probably show their real side to you alone .


Coming to the last type of charm is the Angry Man charm, often this type of charm is required or taught to them its use because of its career. You would all had that scary Math teacher, who was respected by allot of students but not to be messed with all the same.


They might me really nice while outside the class,of course no one would take the chance of being killed by the scary teacher.
There are many careers that demands this charm like the army.
Sure misused by some people to get their way,often portrayed as bad guys in many average movies. But It serves a more important purpose.

It takes a real good guy to take up this charm to keep things in check since it reduces or voids allot of relationships with people.

I do believe God used this charm to keep people in check, its not hated his creation but it was what that needed to be done

18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness

Yeah like any responsible parent who correct their children, God corrects us .


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