My Weird and Interesting day at Church

With Christmas coming, Churches get chances to shared the word of God. What allot of people don’t understand is we live in a political correct world. Thanks to media and democracy. It is difficult to share the word on a normal day. Religion is usually something close and personal : So even you try your level best to share the word without arguing ,there always be questions right about it? When You are explaining people these things,You are actually taking up people’s time. Think about it; People rather be spending time with their friends or something they rather be. So at best he or she might give you a simple smile and say he or she has to go.

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year ,You can share the gospel .
Many people would be aware it a festive season.Advertisers use festive season for selling their products ,movies,etc

So people are constantly reminded it is Christmas ,so it is a excellent way to share the gospel.

My church is doing Huge Christmas program for attracting more Christians to the church. They are located in Kochi.

Our Christmas program has a big budget ,and big programs
.People at my church have small roles.

I got the funniest role .I am person seeking for justice like Batman😂
for my family .They are mostly Jews who whine because they are to poor to afford rooms Ina another city. For some reason the the group of Jews need to appear before the Romans to get registered.

The Roman Announcer tells us to be there early morning tomorrow. Remember Romans were bad asses back ,can really beat the shit out you and put you in prison possibly worse.

Me the brave dumb guy tries to confront the soldier who made the announcement. He basically like “Like who gives a shit” and walks away.

I come at him like what the hell bro,in old classic English. Luckily he doesn’t beat the shit out him.

What is most scary is I was thinking about the the dialogue, person walks up to me and tells me I have to wear a skirt.

I was like “Do I have to wear a what?!!”

She tells me its old dress ,and also wear a Kurta.

Luckily I think can wear a lungi and I am not a malayali

So only time will tell how it will work out for me :o:o


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