A Cheeky Girls Testimony

Little do people realize the joy of the moment wait a moment I just had a beautiful insight. It leaves you wondering the wonders of meditation. To start of something has been bugging me for quite sometime. Well its actually our compelling need to do something important and useful. Of course I am talking about the cases when we don’t feel like it,or just not into it.

Like studying,eating your veggies, working hard,being a guys or girl who give allot of importance to time. Or being a Godly person.

Usually when anyone addresses the concern regarding these things
they are preachy. Being the guy who goes regularly to church you are never gonna be short of that. Personally it just pisses me of;Why you ask? Well there are so many interesting and useful things in the Bible that people could teach, they rather preach something who many would consider a matter of personal opinion.

Think about it; if you would consider you got 1 hour to preach on a Sunday morning. You have got 4 hours of undivided attention of people to share useful content in a month. Perhaps in a year you got 48 hours of undivided attention. Which would makes sense provide something useful or go over like a tape recorder.

Advertisers would pay big bucks for something like that.

But despite my way to convince You; people don’t need be motivated , I would be lying to your face.

So I was sitting during the service, and this girl gets hold of the mike starts talking and talking ,It was really long; but it was a really impressive testimony.

She got a project Idea, a really cool one she would add from GOD.
But she was arrogant about it seems and took the credit for it,but her idea got turned down, then God talked to her saying she had a ego problem, what was really cool was she got project internship deal in Germany, even which her professors were applying for.

I mean when I heard her say that ,wow the build up was actually worthwhile. Then she start singing and stuff, don’t ask but
I started self introspecting or perhaps was plain worried about myself little bit. I honestly didn’t want that train of thought to start ,unfortunately it already left the station before I could flag it down

I actually posted a blog post previous to this ,got a good number of views,I was quite psyched ,another train of thought left the station .Don’t ask quite allot of trains run in my head

There was this German lady, she came sorta in between and started this conversation which didn’t occur weird to me at that time .

We were talking about her German and stuff , she pitched in saying she was a German ,nothing abnormal about that of course .
Then she started the most deja vu topic

She said she was weak in English when she was small ,and scored average grades. If you think about it why would suddenly reveal their weakness to another person. Sure this is a blog,people are open
but out on the world out there; People are not really that transparent or at least they will try to make you believe.

Then she Ended it with a Testimony style. How she was weak in English ,because of series of events she became a English teacher, Praise Lord.

I know you must be thinking we are Christians, we share stuff all the times. You would be surprised how very less people do that. You being open and unguarded.

Then it occurred to, it was only me experiencing that unwanted train of thought, it was probably everyone including the German woman I talked about.

You must be thinking so what the @$#$$ is your point. Simplest and most effective form of motivation is this kind of psychological motivation

If I come to you guys and say hey I have a million dollars in my bank account. All you guys will start thinking about money and work.

Rather than preacher being preachy and annoying, actually provide good content,
     As it is written faith comes by hearing, hearing the word of God

So if you have good content that bless people and good testimonies that motivates people. Every Churches will reach millions of people like God intended to. 

I hope all you non Christians also found this particularly interesting content too☺


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