Why not all churches are not successful

There are, in fact many religious reasons why churches are successful as well as failures . It is one  of the many institutions tough to grow as it is not motivated by profit.

I am gonna go into more secular reasons why churches are not growing at the rate they should.

In order to to do that there are some successful ministries and churches I would like to set as the base line or standard for success.

1.Andrew Wommack Ministries


Usually all successful ministries consists of charming people whether young or old .They all have charisma and flair to them .But this guy, he is plain as dirt, the last person you would think to survive in television, radio,previously pastored many churches.

I really love the fact this guy has no charisma at all. But beautifully compiled, consistent and presented content.
Also undoing the damage done by religious nut cases.

The truth is majority of people listen to sermons because of religious obligations. Not only content has actual use for your life but really difficult to misunderstand unless you are religious nut lol.


2.This guy is one of the, pastors of the biggest Asian churches.He presents the love of God so beautiful, you literally feel your heart melting, at the same time awesome content

I would say how allot of religious nut cases present the love as a chronically depressed maniac with a harsh words and condemnation and ending with a God loves you . They all use seemingly contradictory words such a as love and judgment in the same sentences. They all logically contradict themselves so many times, I feel like Oh man when will he stop

Joseph Prince presents such indebt content, but although he is extremely charming but he lacks sticking to the topic. Its sometimes easy to say Nah he’s just charming and misleading people

He presents allot of complex yet beautiful content, which if presented without charm, everybody would fall a sleep listening to him.Honestly speaking its that elaborate. There’s allot of content.

Although he’s not as organized content provider as Andrew Wommack.

So having covered to our standards of successful ministers.

Basically all good ministers are good content providers. You might think how can majority of churches go wrong.
Usually discipline breaks down in the church and get a wrong sense if they are  harsh on themselves enough they would change so would others, usually discipline themselves .
Pastors stopped presenting good content, started simply pushing people to be holy. Basically everything becomes a mess.

I can start talking about Miracles ,Healings, and other stuff but both  these ministers are doing excellent job. Check them out!!!


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