Is being hot or beautiful important!!

This topic is often biased by two types of people

Type 1: It is the inside that matters, not the outside
Type 2 : Duh of course it matters.

Unfortunately movies and celebrity following has put pressure especially on youngsters, they have to look a certain way. Some don’t care but with latest trends such as selfies and duck faces it has played a factor.

But there many underlying sociological factors govern and may even affect your life by the way you look.

1. Love life and Relationship

I figured we move from the more obvious to less obvious. All relationships have two types of people
     * prey
     * predator


The prey can be woman or man, same goes for predator. Sometimes it is interchangeable over a period of time. But it is never the case where both the parties are prey or predator.

What I mean is there is always a person who chases the other person. So other person runs lol.

If you are pretty like model, most likely get chased. So if you prefer to be chased, its better for you to focus on looks.

You might say , well what about the predator, doesn’t he or she have to look good. For me I think charm plays 99% of the role in the chase. Looks play only a small role
Its like getting a Job, you are qualified to apply but not necessarily get it lol😂😂.

2. Interaction with Society

Being beautiful affects the ways you get to interact with the society.
If you are beautiful you most likely to get noticed, get attention.
But chances of taken seriously is less likely

But if you aren’t good looking, you will get less attention ,but chances you will be taken more seriously

Say a model walks up to you to ask a question say


Oh look its Johnny Depp, you probably be distracted by the way he looks than the words coming out of the mouth. It takes more effort to be taken more seriously.

3. Save effort on shopping

You know those countless hours you look for clothes you like but doesn’t go well with your body. This clothes that goes well with your body but it is to costly. Or you simply hate shopping and get it over with well looks do play a important  part.

Just think about it, if you looked like a model, any dress will look good on you. Just walk in put on any dress, you look great.

Save money on buying clothes just because you gained weight.

You will end up saving money and time 😂😂


If I looked like this guy above walks inside the store , with having my eyes closed, pick out a set and still look awesome. Why because I would look awesome without cloths😂, If you get my drift.

These are the less than obvious reasons, you should think about at least going to a gym and a beauty parlor .Leave your comments to what you think. 😂😂


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