Rapid Learning Process

Hey NLF youth if anybody is reading this; I know probably you were wondering what was I babbling about.
So I wrote a detailed article.

Plot of the Article

When ever you are learning something, if its not going to well. Instead of panicking. Going over or finding ways to help your brain to improve basic  processes  in your  brain will help you understand things to the extent  and rate that you want.

This article states the processes and explains it to some extent to achieve the above objective and also offers a deeper explanation why it is required.

Continuation of Article

To given an idea why this is required and how is that our own brain is not us. We are spirit who happens to have a soul and body. Body includes our brain or mind.

Our mind just like any tool is effective as much as it is used in a certain way.

So I identified 11 processes of our brain that happens or we make it happen. Understanding them is helpful to know where you are going wrong in Learning process.

So these are processes which identify user using a tool ie the brain in a certain way.

1.Creativity ( pretty obvious people may say)
2.Exploratory Learning.
3.Abstraction and Modelling
4.Reasoning or questioning a belief
5.Approach driven behavior
6. Limitation of Observation
7. Late learning

8.Traceability of Knowledge
9.Traceability of Concern.

10. Tranperancy of concern
11. Flow of implicit and tacit concern

1.Creativity is basic yet power process where we do something new with existing knowledge which people are quite aware of.

Lets look at more interesting observations made by me.

2. Exploratory learning is the desire to stimulate your brain by learning from more than one source material. This process may or may not be helpful in you primary objective which you had in mind. But very important not to suppress it.

If you don’t do, you will have a sad brain


3. Let’s look at Abstraction and Modelling, Abstraction is a way of conveying same information with less words.
However using is great if the person who your with or reading your article is on same page. If not it can lead to misunderstanding.

For example he hacked someone could either mean hacking someones computer or beat someone lol

However useful Abstraction maybe it can lead to allot of confusion as well.

Modelling: having a general idea even as it self I would call it a helpful model. When reading something in detail.

Say you have learned allot in detail, you may loose the big picture. So having right big picture, or correcting your big picture as you learn is very important to retain information inside your head.

3.Reasoning or questioning a belief is very important. It is very important to make sure you know what you have learned is actually viable.

Like for example I read a study on homosexual behavior study. People often use this to justify gay sex. But what was interesting is that the study States that

Homo sexual behavior includes I quote wikipedia:

Homosexual behavior in animals is sexual behavior among non-human species that is interpreted as homosexual or bisexual. This may include sexual activitycourtship,affectionpair bonding, and parenting among same-sex animal pairs.

Generally people say without even reading plenty of Animals have sex with same sex. Although research is more broad in interpretation of what homosexual behavior which doesn’t really supports many people taking side on homosexuality.

5.Approach driven behavior is basically the way you do things.

Maybe you never had a accident while drinking and driving because you are driving a autonomous car which provides you control. If you are using normal cars, there are high chances you will crash.

Very important to understanding the risks and benefits involved in a approach instead of just following the herd or adopting best practices.

6. Limitation of observation:

General idea of people is you need to read a book from beginning to end. That really is good or important only in story books.

Even in story book, some part of the book stay in our head more than other parts. Maybe you are reading fast to get to the good part.

Even this article. You need to understand Our brains have behavior limitation often for making observations in a session. That necessarily means it’s bad. It just means we don’t come to a conclusion based on information in our head to early.

7. Traceability of Knowledge

As we read something we always learn something, it is vital we write it down in our own words. If it’s a boring topic, it will help you build confidence. If it’s interesting topic you might have creative ideas related to it. Overall there is so much things you can keep inside your head for so long; if you have photogenic memory you can ignore this.

8.Late learning

This is obvious but many people ignore this process and don’t understand why it’s so difficult.

Something like Math which is very abstract , our brain needs to go over again and again sometimes to get it.

If you are good at it. You might would be having epiphany like me.

That feeling when you get Aaah  I understand how it now works.

9. Traceability of concern.

Most people are very good at asking doubts to people. But while reading something they keep those doubts to themselves. As it builds up it becomes a bad experience learning on your own.

Recording you doubts makes learning more dynamic process despite no one there assisting you.

10.Transparency of concern

This is for people who don’t talk much about things they don’t understand like me hehe. Even though person might not have an answer. It helps your brain to process things a different way to help solve difficult problems.

11.Flow of implicit and tacit concern

Basically all knowledge by now is handed down from some one else. Or any kind of communication there are things stated for us to write down and follow blindly. There are things which are the untold things which other people assume you understand it.


Implicit Information

For example I ask you to buy eggs.

Tacit Information

If you are some one I know, I meant take the plastic cover from the cupboard ( wink you know which) , feel free to take the bike. By the ways keys are in drawer. Don’t do anything stupid with bike it doesn’t have insurance ok.

So any material or anyone assumes you know a certain set of things when saying certain things.

So you need to ask many questions regarding it before making some assumptions you might have to anyway.

That is from above example assuming it won’t rain.

Hope you found it interesting. I thank God more than general knowledge, I find it really helpful for me in Learning new things in technology.

Anyways thanks for reading and hope you find it useful.


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