Why praying in tounges is better than your Apple iPhone

The iPhones and smart phones evolved into something that has a deeper impression in our society. Especially technology that is easily accessible to common people. If you think about it, the really cool technology are ones your read about it in news. But it is really left to our imaginations to make sense about it. This is where iPhones and smart phones stand apart, makes it more easy for everyone or do they?
This is what makes iPhones so different in comparison to other smart phones.It is shiny and really usable for the non geeky people. Steve Jobs cared about something very few technology professionals cared about. Making technology easy to use for non technical people. In fact he was so obsessed. We can clearly see it in design of the Phone.

The Phone has only one button, so the user doesn’t get confused. There are allot of settings and configurations liberty stripped away. Why?  To leave out as much confusion that is possible. A CEO working 16 hours a day has only so much patience, infact none to mess around with the phone and figure things out. 

Infact there is a delicate balance of features and simplicity. To many features can make the tool complex, to less can make it unattractive for the price point.

In any real business, there is something called workflow, ie , technologies like the phone should be able to provide features and abilities to a person, without adding to his life any more complexities to that person’s life. 

Let’s get this idea straight, better and smoother workflow, higher quality and quantity of products. Thus profitable for business.  Technology should provide the necessary features without the complexity. In fact this is what makes iPhones so special, a 5 year old could use it easily.

The Mantra of the game is abstraction, is hiding as much unnecessary details as possible with maximum no of useful features. Which is infact very difficult to interpret  and to do; in a competitive environment.

Praying in tounges has the ultimate form of abstraction, when your praying in tounges. You don’t know what your praying for but the holy spirit in his infinite wisdom is interceding for you. 

Infact companies look to providing Customers with services that they didn’t ask thus by doing so; they add value to the service. 

Which is exactly what praying in tounges provides, anybody can do it as it doesn’t have any intellectual dependency but you pray for exactly what you need so you do well. It’s a amazing brilliant gift which is far far more useful and easy to do than your smartphone phone can ever hope to be.

Praise God.