Staying Happy with God’s Love – Lessons in Hyderabad

Funniest thing happened, what is interesting about comedy is leading people to think about something a certain way then suddenly change that perception. Better you are able to mislead people in a certain way and change perception suddenly, it’s funny. Life is funny and enjoyable since God did the same thing with me, changing my perception. My day 1 in Hyderabad started not so well. But trusting in God, he made all that go away and made my stay really comfortable. I won’t really go into that part, since it’s not that interesting. I checked into a 4 🌟 hotel  which I didn’t expect. Plus all my coworkers got a cramped apartment, I got a 2 bedroom room for myself . It was great, work was fine. But the funny thing is I was focusing on the negative, such as lack of sleep or worried about huge amount of work. My co workers were excited and enjoying. They weren’t even Christians. So it happened, while leaving the office,  my excollege mate suddenly recognized me. He was a telengue fellow ( I could bet he doesn’t like me). Of course he walked up to me and started talking to me in his American accent. ( He had a pretty American girl to his left waiting to leave). He asked me where I worked, I said TCS. He in a cool way replied AMAZON. Then he asked me to enjoy Hyderabad and walked away. Damn was I depressed, wondering what I was doing with life. Then God spoke to me and told me ” Do you realize he is going to hell but your a believer”. Of course I argued back saying ” Yeah sure all he has to do is believe in you , he is in a better position than me. Of course it hit and later Andrew Womack teachings cemented the foundation. I valued my job  and other relationships more than Almighty God. It is because of that I couldn’t be happy. The value that I placed on my job and relationships was greater or equal to the value on God. The secret to staying happy is not having any problems but placing the right value on things of our lives. The reality is no matter how bad things can get for me, I still go to heaven. Almighty God creator of the Universe loves me. Having the right perspective with really keeping your mind fixed on God things God has done and will do according to the riches in heaven and Glory of Christ. I really want to develop it like a skill set, so I can stay happy always. I pray the same for you. Amen


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