Suffering of Job 

When ever we think of Job, we think the sufferings of Job, but the writer takes the effort to paint a amazing picture, where every man would love such a retirement

Job 1:1-5, five verses dedicated to describing how amazing Jobs life was. Even many millionaires don’t have such a happy life. Let’s see, 7 sons and three daughters.  7000 sheep,300 camel, 500 oxes,500 female donkeys, not to mention a small army of servants.He had amazing status, he was considered the greatest man in all of east. It is said they enjoy feasts, which means they had amazing grand parties with his family. Sounds like an awesome time. I really remember when all my relatives had time to come together. It was an awesome time, playing those old video games, and all kind of games we could. I don’t remember any awesome parties, Jacob and his family had allot of fun regularly. Even when I was young, I could have fun with my relatives once a year for weeks. They had all the money to party!!

They we see Job suffered for a little while. Then God restored him to twice the wealth and he had, he lived a amazingly long time

Job 42 10-15, Jobs sorrow of loosing his family was compensated by seeing his children and grandchildren up to 4 generations!!. Had the most beautiful daughters. ( explains why Christain women are beautiful or become. wink. )


14000 sheep and goat,600 camel ,1000 pair of oxen,1000 female donkeys


7000 sheep,300 camel, 500 oxes,500 female donkeys

His flock had multiple twice. 

Summary of the story :

 Job a very rich happy man. Suffered ,cried for a little while, had annoying friends who believed in justification by self righteousness who rebuked him. God reminded him, how awesome and powerful he his and warned his buddies. God restored him in a amazing way.

Maybe we may know or not know the reason for his suffering. Maybe God wanted to elevate his status, but had to test him first. But it doesn’t matter to me, I would shut up and take the money and the other goodies hehe.


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